Three ways Selva Fulfilment are working hard to create a sustainable supply chain…

The warehousing industry can be found guilty in many areas for its contribution to climate change, and the supply chain is often under the microscope as a major contributor to Greenhouse gasses.

This is due to several causes. The serial offender being transportation. To get a product from the production line and into the consumers hand is often a lengthy process with lots of stops along the way. The warehouse is almost always caught in the middle and is notoriously known for its contribution to global emissions.

We see this as being a major issue, and a topic that deserves our full attention. Which is why we practice the following three steps to reduce our carbon emissions outside our warehouse doors.

1.  Partner with environmentally conscious couriers.

DPD are the proud owners of the largest electric delivery fleet in the UK. In 2020 they launched ‘Project Breathe’ which is an air quality monitoring program based in cities across the UK. This data is collected and used for research in the mission to create more sustainable cities. To find out more on their ‘Clean Green Delivery’ scheme head over to their website and check it out.

2.  Geographically place our warehouse somewhere that makes sense! 

Milton Keynes represents a unique location opportunity for logistics and distribution. The city’s location provides us with quick and easy transport links into major cities such as London whilst allowing us to keep the millage to a minimum. 

More than 45 million people can be reached within a 4.5 hour HGV drive time from Milton Keynes making it the perfect location for distribution. 

3.   Partner with a local plant-based food manufacturer.

Green Way Foods is one of the most reputable food production facilities in the UK. 

They are a 100% plant-based site who pride themselves on their constant innovation and dedication to producing clean label products. Just 7.2 miles away we work together in reducing transport time between our sites and ensuring the entire supply chain is as sustainably effective as possible.

As well as this we have also built a small production facility on site to reduce our mileage even more!