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At Selva our business philosophy has always been to understand our customers’ needs now and, in the future, and to provide a physical facility to meet those requirements, whilst providing a commercially competitive package incentivising both parties to achieve world class standards.

We always aim to be the best at what we do.

Over the last year the world has seen a shift to online shopping. With Covid-19 hitting the world and causing national lockdowns more and more businesses have been forced to take their products online in order to survive.
As time has passed, we have all realised just what an attractive option going D2C really is, providing business’s with low overheads, flexible marketing, and quick and direct communication with the customer it really is a brilliant solution to the current commerce market.

But not only Is D2C a great option for businesses it coincides with the increasing consumer expectations built by major logistics companies such as Amazon to provide customers with a rounded service and products reaching their doorsteps in as little as a few hours!

We all know how the world of e-commerce works so let’s get on to where Selva comes into play….

Selva was born in 2014, initially growing and trading superfoods from Peru. It has since evolved dramatically to where we are now.
In late 2019 we spotted the opportunity to provide our customers with the full package. Partnered with our sister company Greenway Foods we were able to build a model that takes a product all the way from development stage, into production, straight to the fulfilment house and to your customers doors.

After discussions with a few of our manufacturing partners we felt we may be onto something.

We decided to dip our toe into the world of e-commerce fulfilment with a couple of our clients, the response was terrific! Selva Fulfilment was born.

Over the next year we continued to grow our pick and pack operation from the corner of a warehouse no larger than your standard kitchen with just myself and one other member of staff.
As we took on more clients, we found our limiting factor in the business was space. We made the decision to move to our own site and fully take the leap into our first major Business venture backing Fulfilment all the way.

We are now operating in a 5000sq foot warehouse in central Milton Keynes which is probably the best place geographically in the UK for logistics and major distribution networks.

We are unbelievably excited that we are a part of this, and our playground of fulfilment continues to grow.

– Clea Rixon
Director at Selva Fulfiment